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All our products are certified Organic and Vegan by Ecocert and The Vegan Society


ECOCERT is a certification service of organic farming approved by the French state. It validates the marketing of new products by verifying the origin and composition of the ingredients of the recipe, then carries out several times a year control audits in our kitchens to ensure the proper use of organic products in our products.

THE VEGAN SOCIETY is a charity founded in England that ensures that no animal is used or used in the manufacture of the ingredients used in our products. For this, each manufacturer must provide a certificate certifying this.

In addition, we donate annually to CITEO an amount proportional to the emission of our waste in order to minimize our environmental impact. This organization is at the service of companies to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging and paper , transforming them into new resources.

Thanks to these organizations, we are proud to offer ecological and ethical products to help build a better world for tomorrow.