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140g Organic & Vegan Vanilla chocolate chip cookies - Eco-friendly paper bags
140g Organic & Vegan Vanilla chocolate chip cookies - Eco-friendly paper bags

140g Organic & Vegan Vanilla chocolate chip cookies - Eco-friendly paper bags

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🍪 HAND MADE IN FRANCE 100% ORGANIC & VEGAN: Recipe developed by nutritionists in our professional kitchen in the center of France near the Châteaux de la Loire

🍪 HEALTHY AND SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour, 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Chips, Blond Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Almond Powder and Puree, Baking Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Sea Salt.

🍪 AUTHENTIC PERFUMES: All our Ingredients are Selected, we use Real Vanilla Sugar with Natural Bourbon Vanilla Extract.

🍪 140G OF MINI COOKIES FOR A HEALTHY SNACK TO GO! Which is about 20 cookies. Perfect to take everywhere with you!

🍪 AN ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: We have chosen a 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging for a minimum ecological impact. 



Wheat flour*, dark chocolate chips with 60% cocoa (16.9%)* (cocoa mass*, blond cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract*), blond cane sugar*, coconut oil*, almond powder*, almond puree*, baking powder* (wheat starch*, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), vanilla sugar* (blond cane sugar* , wheat starch*, Bourbon vanilla extract*, vanilla bark*), sea salt*.*Ingredient from organic farming..



The Vegan Elephant Cookies are handmade from the highest quality 100% Organic & Vegan ingredients, chosen with the greatest care, without palm oil or GMOs. We use 1st range French flour, blond cane sugar, superior dark chocolate, almonds in various forms, coconut oil from the Philippines, vanilla from Madagascar, a pinch of salt from the Mediterranean and a touch of baking powder for cookies full of flavor and lightness.

Find our cookies: Vanilla with Chocolate Chips and Double Chocolate, these two flavors will satisfy you, you cookie lovers. You won't leave a crumb, because for us, every bite must provide complete satisfaction!



Here is a little snack bag of mini cookies, guaranteeing optimal freshness to keep all their crispness. We do our best to ensure that you can receive your cookies as soon as possible from the time of their manufacture, however they keep perfectly, well packaged, beyond 1 year.

With a paper bag, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, we strive to ensure the ecological impact of our products by working to improve every day.



Through our products, we are proud to show our choice of respect for all living beings as well as the environment, which is why the choice of ingredients is essential. Our cookies are 100% Organic & Vegan and made in France in our kitchen in the Center Val de Loire.

Because for us it is important, The Vegan Elephant donates part of its income to the association SEA, Save the Elephants of Africa, to help save African elephants from the mistreatment of which they are all too often subjected.